Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's over go home

The world has many issues that many face every day, and this book has explored some.
After reading through “I am a Taxi” I think it’s fair to say that I can pass judgement on it.
I do think that this is a good book for the gins novel study just because it deals with a
very real situation of kids being used to make drugs or just anything really. I think that
this was an excellent book as it had developed a very well thought out story in a very
short amount of time, considering I finished the book long before my final deadline.

I think that the type of reader that would most enjoy this book would be people that
like to have some realism in their stories and aren’t afraid of something bad happening
as there is a lot of bad in this book but it adds a lot to the story. I’m not saying that the
book is bad it’s just that many unfortunate events take place in the story.

I really enjoyed how the situations weren’t always resolved, it really added to the
realism of the story showing how not everything works out well. I would most definitely
recommend this book to another reader, mainly just because it’s easy to understand, it’s
easy to follow, and it’s really just a good story you can easily get into and not come back
out of for hours.

So far I have not read many other books that would fit into this specific criteria, though
I have read many other books just not many would fit into this type of novel study. I definitely
think that a fantasy genre novel study would be fun. So anyways, hats off to Deborah Ellis
for making a masterpiece of a book focusing on a very real issue in the world that we now
better understand.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

"Smith"ing an understanding of Smith

Deep in the jungle, a cabin can be found. Who lives there? Smith lives alone in his cabin in the jungle with an assortment of items that he uses from day to day, each item represents a part of Smiths personality. One of his most prized possessions would have to be his mounted capybara head that he had taken when he went hunting and shot it while looking for food (p: 139). Speaking of shooting he also has his gun rack, where he stores his rifles when he isn’t out hunting or fighting others (p: 139, 141). Being so attuned to the jungle he rarely likes leaving it, as he has a distaste for cities (p: 139), so he installed very large windows so he could see the jungle at any time. Just because he lives in the jungle doesn’t mean he has to act like an animal, keeping clean is one of Smith’s greatest values as he believes it’s one thing that separates humans from animals (p: 140), so he has a hand sanitizer dispenser for any time he needs a quick clean. Just outside his house in the jungle Smith keeps a spit roast for whenever he brings back an animal to feast on (p: 140). When he’s not hunting he usually enjoys watching the movie “Predator” in his lounge, as the characters go through a situation very similar to some he has experienced (p: 141). The book doesn’t include a lounge for Smith, but if it did it would look like this.

Headmount Plaque:
Predator Title:
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:
Spit Roaster:

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Our man Mando

Let’s try a new perspective. We’ve read the story of Diego, now let’s read the story of Mando. Sitting in a prison cell was Armando, most kids just called him Mando for short. He acted as a taxi for the residents of the men’s prison, someone to take care of errands and get paid for it. He had been living this life of his, living in the prison with his father and running errands for the other inmates and occasionally running into his friend Diego, to whom he referred to as “Tycoon.” Then one day he had found an opportunity to receive a very large pay and for only going to work for some men for 2 weeks. It seemed an incredible deal, so he decided to let his friend join him. Diego was skeptical at first but an accident occurred and he quickly made up his mind. 
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After reaching the location of which the men took them to, they were all put to work immediately by grabbing stacks of coca leaves. Having picked up the cocoa leaves they made their way through the jungle being led by one of the men, Rock. Mando wasn’t so sure about him.
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After they brought the cocoa they were put to work by dumping the leaves into a hole
and stomping out the paste, which would later be used to make cocaine. The work was hard so
Mando was given something to smoke, Diego wasn’t sure but Mando grabbed it and took a
huge breath. He was immediately refreshed and ready to work all night, which he did, and he continued to do forseveral more.
Image result for coca leaf pit
After so many days of hard and cruel labour, the boys hatched a scheme to escape and sell some of the cocaine they helped make. They had decided to go into the jungle to discuss it when they found a tarantula, Diego was terrified but Mando knew it was a tarantula and picked it up without a second thought. The boys decided it could be useful and brought it back with them.
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They needed to hide it so they put it in a handkerchief for when they would need it, but Rock quickly found it and took it. He then continued over to the other men and opened it. It then proceeded to jump onto his face. The boys saw an opportunity and ran into the jungle. Not once looking back but hearing the rage of the men. After a while they came across an old rickety rope bridge,
Diego was again, skeptical, but Mando jumped right on.

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He was too busy boasting of his bravery to notice that the bridge was giving away.
The ropes snapped and he started to fall. Faster and faster. Closer to the ground every second. He knew this was it. His only regret dragging his friend into this nightmare, and only himself escaping it. The protagonist doesn’t always get a happy ending.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

There are a lack of rights left and right!

What do you think would be right or wrong? When we look at how Diego lives, we have to remember that this is the real world and many people go through the same things every day. When we see people being treated this way we have to think of what freedoms they have, and what freedoms they don’t have. When thinking of what freedoms they may or may not have we have to take the charter of rights and freedoms into consideration Right to conscience and religion is one right that all have and I can tell that it is seen within the book as most people believed and “angel” to come and release them from prison and that someone had Diego go to a church and light a candle for them. 
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With accordance to opinion and expression, not much is there for many as they live in a prison and most expression would be against how they run it and they are either given a fine or more chores or are just punished when they talk back in any way. 
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Freedom of peaceful assembly is seen as most people gathered into the courtyard of the prison to wait for the “angel” to come and free them and the guards didn’t stop them they just kept everything in order so no one would get hurt if a fight were to break out. 
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Freedom of association is also seen as most people gather into clubs to sort things out and make some unwritten rules that most will follow.  Image result for club meeting
Though that’s just the beginning of the book, there are bound to be more examples of how freedoms are abused or unused.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Well that was disappointing

       Such a disappointment. Something that disappointed me during my reading of the book was when he had lost his job as a taxi. This is disappointing but not all that surprising as it is made to be the most important part of his life as it keeps him and his family alive as they don't have much money, to begin with so it was more than possible he had to lose it at some point. The reason he had lost his job as a taxi is because he had ruined some soup someone was making while he had lost his little sister and as people saw him as irresponsible they didn’t want him running all their errands.
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It's disappointing to see a character, especially a protagonist, lose something as important as this, but it isn't what makes the character what they do for a living but what happens to them that makes their life more difficult with really brings out how the character will progress along with the story. This can be a great example of how he’ll handle more hardships and see if they will be overcome or not. All I really have to say is that it was disappointing and not surprising, and I hope not many other things will be as disappointing.

Friday, 8 December 2017

I really think you should Di(e)g(o) this character

           How would you feel if you had to grow up inside of a prison? Diego is the protagonist in the book “I am a taxi” and has made it through a few hardships already, even if it’s only a little ways into the story. He once lived on a farm and with his family on a decent living, until they had been wrongfully accused of smuggling cocoa paste. For this incident, his parents had to go to prison and as he had nowhere else to go, he had to go as well, but that’s not all. His father went to the men's prison while his mother had to take him and go to the women’s prison. 
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            Shortly after being imprisoned, his mother had given birth to his little sister, who had to grow up solely in a prison. As his mother had to rent their cell, she had to knit 24/7 just to keep it, with money running slim and not having anywhere else to go in the prison, Diego had to become what some call a taxi. A taxi is a figurative term, as he doesn’t carry people from place to place, or turn into a car although that would be cool. A taxi is an errand worker, receiving pay for running errands, such as going to pick something up from the store, or just mailing something at the post office. It is too early into the story to truly determine what lies ahead for Diego, but one thing is for sure, he’s a survivor and will always persevere, no matter the challenge.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Where will this book take me?

          Every novel study starts with just a good book. For a novel study in class, I chose the book “I am a Taxi” mainly because I took interest in the blurb on the back, explaining what would come from the book. I had seen the ideas and the basis for the story in it and I was interested as the story was not as average as this type tends to be, and it was its own new idea. From the back and the front, I noticed that the writing was in something that reminded me of ripped paper, as the lines seemed a little jagged, at least to me. Overall I must say that I am excited to read this and find out what awaits me in this story. What hardships and triumphant moments that the main character will have in his endeavors and how they’ll react to them.

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